Everybody only wins, when nobody loses.

We want to create win/win situations for SMEs. Where nobody loses. We do that by building a company based on trust and transparency.

B2B companies need to get paid faster without answering unnecessary questions upfront. And to do it without harming their customer relationships. That's why we created a new financial tool that benefits both you and your customers, on-demand.

Our story

Jacob's Dad ran a successful small growth business as a production manager. For many years it gave joy to him and the employees.

Then one day he had to close it down. It couldn't acces money to grow, so it ran out of money.

It wasn't poor operating skills, mismanagement or negligence. It was something that happens every day. In every country in the world - his customers couldn't pay him on time.

Jacob's Dad is just one of thousands of SME owners losing out on opportunities to grow. Right now, there are over €1 Trillion of unpaid invoices floating around in the ether. It's killing SMEs because they can't access it when they need to.

This is why we created the credit stretch. To support SMEs across the planet. So that lack of liquidity to grow will no longer be a reason they go out of business. If the credit stretch had existed ten years ago, it's likely his business would still be alive today and could have grown much bigger.

Our mission

To offer growing SMEs the fastest, easiest and fairest finance.

Our vision

To enable SMEs throughout the world to realise their full potential and be in greater financial control.
We do this by making innovative financial products and services that allows them to grow.

Our values

These are the core values shared by all of us. Values we fight for every single day.

Empathy & Service

We promise to communicate with empathy and provide you only with what you need.


We only build products that solve real needs. Not manufactured ones.

A force for good

Working towards a world of financial inclusion and fair financial products for all.


Means striving to do the right thing, always. Integrity is essential to how we hire, operate and grow Fellow Pay.

On top of our values, we are driven by 24 guiding principles.
We call these principles The Fellow Pay Manifesto.

You can read the full manifesto here

Our team

We're a team of business leaders, legal experts, software engineers and experienced finance professionals working together to deliver the best service we can.

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