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Your customer, or your network, can get paid faster or extend their time to pay with a credit stretch. And you can earn 0,5% for every credit stretch they make.

What our Fellows get:

  • 0,5% commission from every credit stretch you refer to us.
  • A dashboard to view your commission (and much more).
  • Videos and guides to help your customers and network use a credit stretch.
  • Personal access to a partnership manager.
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Frequently asked questions

Will a creditstretch® affect my credit rating?

No. Using our service only depends on the credit rating of invoice receiver. It will therefore not affect the credit rating of your company when you make a creditstretch®.

Is the process complicated?

No. The proces is easy and straightforward. You decide yourself if you want to use our service for one invoice only or more - the cost and process for each invoice is the same. All is online, no paperwork is required, no binding, long term contracts, no need for special IT set-up and no surety is required. There is no financial interrogation involved and you do not have to present your accounts. Just upload you invoice together with registration numbers of the companies involved and we will give you a quick answer.

Will this harm the relationship with my customers/suppliers?

No. Unlike other finance providers, Fellow Pay benefits the buyer and seller at the same time. The buyer get up to 60 days extra to pay while the supplier gets paid now. The supplier will be paid for most of the invoice, solving the immediate cash need for the both of you in one go. That is a clear win/win.

I have tried something similar and it did not work

Most finance providers do not have good setup to service smaller and maybe less creditworthy SMEs. But we have. If the invoice receiver (your costumer) is creditworthy, we will finance them and give the invoice issuer (you) 60 days to pay.

What happens if my customer/supplier is not creditworthy?

We only credit check the invoice receiver. We do not look at the invoice issuer. If the invoice receiver not is creditworthy you can try applying for a credit stretch based on an invoice from another of your customers.