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the credit stretch

Making it easy for SMEs to apply for finance and credit

Help your clients achieve faster growth.

Monthly payout

You'll get paid directly into your account once a month.

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What is a credit stretch?

A fast, efficient way to get your invoices paid

A credit stretch is a on-demand financing tool that gives SMEs immediate access to the money that's locked up in their invoices after they complete work. The credit stretch also gives the buyer 60 days to pay the invoice. They get a buffer to continue growing thier business and the ability to take more control of their cash flow.

why does it matter?

Payment cycles are getting longer. It's crippling SMEs.

The average invoice credit time in Denmark is 66 days. This causes big problems. High growth companies can not access the money they need to continue growing. It's tied up in unpaid invoices. We are giving them access to that money and speeding up their payment cycle so they have better control of their cash flow.

How can we get started?

You refer clients to us that are in need of liquidity now

You ask them to submit an invoice on the platform. If we approve it, they will get their money the moment they and their customer sign the credit stretch agreement. You will earn 0.5% every time a company you refer to us makes a credit stretch.

How our pricing works

Payments, credit rating (invoice receiver), and credit insurance all included

Invoice issuer

No hidden fees.  No credit check. Immediate payment.


(Equal to 3% of total invoice amount)

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Invoice receiver


Free for 60 days

Buy one month extra for 1 %

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Happy customers

Customers are making the switch to the credit stretch every day. Here's a small selection of what they're saying about us.

"The process was easy, inexpensive and a lot quicker than my bank"
Thomas Cardell
Godthaab Boligselskab
“It's cheaper, faster and easier than other finance options. And the risk is lower. It ticks all the boxes”
Per Jorgensen
Construction Business Owner
“The credit stretch helps me get paid faster without harming my customer relationships”
Daniel Kirby
Tech Entrepreneur