Our story

Where It Began

Fellow Pay began life in Denmark after Lars noticed that growing SMEs, in need of finance, were being turned away by the finance companies that promised to help them. A few weeks later he, alongside Christian and Jacob, had their first customer. The customer loved it. He’s still a customer today.


After testing the new concept manually, it was time to build the tech. Christian, Jacob and David travelled to Bali to build the prototype, while Lars remained in Denmark to build a company board and attract our first investors. On this trip to Bali, by pure luck, the team would meet Joseph for the first time. They’d surf in the morning, work throughout the day and eat local Balinese food in the evening. 30 days later, we had our prototype.

The Travels Continued

We visited Singapore in search of new investors and customers. Now as a team of six, this was our first company retreat. Those nine days we bonded together in the South East Asian heat would be pivotal to our future company culture. There our company manifesto was born.

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Time to go home

We flew back to Denmark to scale the business. But growth meant we needed more access to capital. After months of searching, we found Chris. He was the right guy, we just knew it. We connected and instantly knew our values were aligned. Within weeks we’d attracted the investors we’d need to help SMEs get faster access to finance.

Going Dutch

That summer, we got a call from a friend. He said there are a couple of guys in Holland who love what you’re doing and they want to meet. A few weeks later, we met with Herman and Rob in a Copenhagen hotel bar. The connection was instant. They got us, we got them. Just a couple of years after we began, we went international.

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We're now onto an amazing chapter in the story of Fellow Pay.
Our team at Fellow Pay HQ, in both Denmark and Holland, are amazing and we’ve recently opened a new office in Aarhus.

We hired Ian, our Partnership Development Manager.

The Dutch team just launched in Holland. We’ve built a tool that can provide fast, simple and fair finance to thousands of SMEs in Denmark, Holland, and then, hey let’s be bold; across the planet. 

We’ve come so far, in so little time, but this journey is just beginning. We’re ready for international expansion, with interest from across Europe, America and Asia. We can’t wait to see where this next year takes us. We hope you’ll continue to follow our journey.